FDA Continues Fight to Regulate Electronic Cigarettes

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FDA Continues Fight to Regulate Electronic Cigarettes

The appeals court stayed enforcement of the injunction pending resolution of the dispute Cheapest Cigarettes In The World.

Latham Watkins partner Gregory Garre (at left) Newport Cigarettes Official Website, who chairs the firm's Supreme Court and appellate practice group Price Of Marlboro Cigarettes, represented Scottsdale, Az.-based Sottera, which sells e-cigarettes under the brand "NJOY."

E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that resemble real cigarettes. The FDA blocked the importation of e-cigarettes on the ground that they are unapproved drug devices under the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. In 2008, the FDA refused to allow the importation of "Nicogel," a hand gel made of liquefied tobacco. The FDA said the gel was an unapproved drug.

"If electronic cigarettes are a safe method of nicotine maintenance Buying Cigarettes Online, that could be approved if the science supports it," Klein said in court.

Garland questioned what he called the "unique" procedural element of the case. The government's position in the litigation is established in a blocking order-stopping the shipment of electronic cigarettes-and not in a detailed administrative record. He said if the FDA could show that the e-cigarettes are marketed for therapeutic reasons Newport Cigarettes Price, the injunction against the FDA would not apply.<br/>Related articles:<br/> Buy Ecstacy Cigarettes
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