That Dress And The Winners And Losers Of The Royal Wedding

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That Dress And The Winners And Losers Of The Royal Wedding

Well now we all know. The former Catherine Middleton wore an Alexander McQueen gown designed by Sarah Burton Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online. Some people have said she looks safe but a little boring. I think the dress is absolutely right, quite understated, but beautifully fitted and elegant. The only slight disappointment for me was the veil slightly flattened the top of her head. But I think I'm quibbling. Kate was never going to wear something that was very avant-garde.

The younger bridesmaids were unsurprisingly wearing a simplified version of the bridesmaids dressers that the bridesmaids had worn at his parents wedding. Pippa Middleton, looked absolutely stunning, understated, elegant grown up. I think her dress is just as likely to be copied as Kate's dress.

Of the families, Carole Middleton looked very elegant in Catherine Walker, in what some commentators described as sky blue, but on the television certainly looked more like ice blue. I particularly liked her hat, which she'd had made by a local milliner.

The Royal Family as usual were a mixed bag. I'm sorry I am never fans of the fashion choices of Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. In my view, they always just miss the mark, and today was no exception Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes. Princess Eugenie, looked like she was going to a French bordello Newport Cigarettes For Sale. Zara Phillips, Autumn Phillips and Lady Helen Windsor all looked beautiful each with a stunning hat. Of the older members of the Royal Family, Princess Anne, looked as she always looks and it is a look that is an acquired taste. The Duchess of Cornwall and Her Majesty the Queen, both looked elegant and glamorous Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes. Duck yellow has never been one of my favourites Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, but it certainly suits the Queen.

Some of the commentators were surprised that there were so many hats rather than fascinators. However, as Steven Jones the respected milliner pointed out it was a Royal Wedding not a race meeting and therefore hats were more appropriate. There had been talk of whether Samantha Cameron, the Prime Minister's wife would wear a hat. She didn't and frankly I thought she looked underdressed. She wasn't the only woman without some type of head gear, but they were very few. Other political wives who got it wrong include Sally Bercow (too much bust) and Miriam González Durántez (looking like an older version of Princess Eugenie).

For dressing beautifully when heavily pregnant Victoria Beckham and Marina Fogle get my vote. Both looked gorgeous - Marina in green pleated silk chiffon and cream coat and Victoria in a very loose navy dress with a swing back, which one presumes was her own design and cleverly covered her bump.

There were so many beautiful outfits, with most colours of the rainbow in evidence. Rules such as not wearing black or white have long since disappeared from wedding clothing etiquette. There were less florals in evidence than perhaps one might have expected and despite all the talk of colour blocking, there wasn't a great deal of that either. Many of the heels were eye wateringly high and the hats large, but my favourite outfit was worn by Tara Palmer-Tompkinson in electric blue ( a colour I normally detest), tight fitting, understated, short, elegant and incredibly sexy. Tara I salute you.<br/>related article :<br/> More Cigarettes Menthol
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