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Once you have finished your first Lean initiative, you face the question of; what's next?

Lean is a very comprehensive system with dozens of methodologies that can be used to improve productivity. By creating a system where information can be transferred quickly and accurately you will prevent many problems that could otherwise slow things down.

Moving to Advanced Lean Concepts:

Once you have your Lean communications in hand, you are ready to begin considering the next approach to a more efficient and productive system Cheapest Cigarettes In The World. Here are a few courses on advanced Lean methodologies to consider:

• SMED Courses: SMED Quick Changeover Video Training Courses will help you to address one of the most pervasive bottlenecks in any production system Newport Cigarettes Official Website. The time it takes to change from one setup to another. The course will take you through a number of strategies including:

o Re-working your sequence of operations to make changes work faster.

o Re-work your scheduling to reduce the number of changes required.

o Designing tools and attachments to make the changeover take less time.

o Using alternate stations in a line and routing the material to the station with the proper setup.

• Lean Layout Training Courses: Related to the SMED material, this course will help you to rework your production floor from the ground up. Included are instructions for

o Designing your equipment setup and, in some cases, the equipment itself for maximum throughput.

o Analyzing your work space to make material handling as efficient as possible. Also looking for new container systems for your material to facilitate transport and use.

• Total Productive Maintenance Online Courses: These videos will help you to resolve an age old conflict between Production Price Of Marlboro Cigarettes, who needs the machines to do their work Buying Cigarettes Online, and Maintenance, who needs to keep the machines working. This approach involves making Production part of the maintenance team, with specific functions and tasks to perform. This gives Production an increased feeling of ownership over the production line and Newport Cigarettes Price, since they can schedule their tasks during slow periods and changeovers, allows routine maintenance to be performed in a timely manner.<br/>Related articles:<br/> Selling Tobacco Online
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