Why Facebook Community Pages Are No Big Deal For Brands

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Why Facebook Community Pages Are No Big Deal For Brands

I had been getting emails from clients all week Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online. They were noticing new pages spring up on Facebook under their brand name Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes. Only problem is they had no apparent control of these pages which seemed to only feature a Wikipedia article and aggregated wall post comments from people. Some seemed to feature company logos. When I asked one of my Facebook contacts in our WPPDigital meeting about them, he kind of shook his head in acknowledgment and said, "Yeah, there have been a lot of questions about that. I told we are working on a memo that explains it. They plan to have it by tomorrow." It been a few days and no memo. But for those of you who have dealt with Facebook directly, this delay is not all that meaningful. (almost every inaction from Facebook is met with the same explanation - a 1000 people to serve 500 million, they are just swamped. what is going on and you can jump to the end where I suggest 4 things brands should do today.

On April 19th, Facebook announced the creation of Community Pages. You can see their blog entry explanation here. Essentially, they are a new breed of topical page tied to user stated profile interests. I am a fan of Denis Johnson book Tree of Smoke and put it in my profile a while back. Now that test links from my profile to and featuring the Wikipedia article as well as facebook user wallposts. Most of the reaction from critics so far has been from the users perspective. But there is a risk for brands, as well.

Brands are upset. This is a bit of a slow rollout or test depending on how you look at it. Some feature logos. Some show up for the brand in Facebook search. This makes them a threat to brands who are spending a lot of time, if not advertising dollars, on Facebook developing their own brand presence. They get in the way, potentially confuse users, and, especially those featuring logos, suggest that they are brand sponsored pages Newport Cigarettes For Sale. I like staying at W Hotels (and Marriott, Intercontinental and Kimptons). "sanctioned" by Starwood (that the W Hotels group)? What would it mean to sanction to the point of featuring the logo? Also, the language at the top of the page is just phrased wrong as it seems to come from the brand:

"Our goal (my emphasis) is to make this Community Page the best collection of shared knowledge on this topic. If you have a passion for W Hotels, sign up and we let you know when we ready for your help. You can also get us started by suggesting the Official Facebook Page."

Most brands in Phase 2 of their Facebook use have spent a fair amount of energy culling the english garden-growth of brand related pages. They have gone through and brought the miscellaneous pages from employees in the Phillipines, the franchisee in Lubbock, and the factory in India into alignment with the brand Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes. avoid poking sharp stick in eye of he/she who pays you). Facebook has a dual allegiance - the user and the advertiser - and, rightly so, the user interests most often trump the advertiser. That as it should be. Still, the user benefit of the Community Pages is not clear. They did it on Beacon, they did it this weekend on user privacy. Given enough brand feedback, they will likely change their approach. I would certainly expect that not only will logos go away but there will be some type of framing statement on pages clarifying that these are not official brand pages. They are doing all they can to convert brand fascination and dabbling into full belief in the compound effect of engagement advertising within Facebook. The fact that he is making adjustments on the engine as the car races around the track is just their way. The stories of the early entry of the company into the valley suggests that he has a level business head and is hungry to learn.

Ultimately, Facebook will position community pages correctly and people will determine if those pages are useful. You can bet they will become a staple of the brand ad buy but will those pages really become valuable to the end user?

Four Brands Can Take Now

Rather than bunker in to crisis mode, brands can do things:

1. When you travel to Palo Alto to meet with the gang at Facebook and discuss why your minimum spend should be at least $1M per brand/product this year, make sure to blurt out at a critical moment, "Hey, what up with those community pages?" The more they hear from brands, the more likely they are to change their approach. It works when users speak up.

2. Next, call your Facebook sales rep (they tend to be regional) and tell him you want your brand marks off the community page (assuming you object). I am guessing that they can make that happen pretty quick and are obligated by law to take care of that.

3. Third - take renewed interest in your Wikipedia page. Chances are you are already doing that and have done all that is possible to cause it to be factually accurate.

4. Most importantly, do what you have hopefully been doing all along, keep pushing your proactive social media program to activate positive word of mouth and keep making great products and services. Do more of that. It works.

The real problem is that Facebook has two products they call Community Pages. One type is started by users and the other is auto generated by Facebook. These auto generated SPAM pages are created by mining employment and interests data on user profiles, and then populated with updates that contain matching text. Then capped off with info from Wikipedia, a true witches brew of SPAM.

These pages show up in search results without any clear indication that they are in anyway different from official Fanpages or user generated Community pages. It a process designed to confuse people and drive traffic to content. It no different than the reviled approach of Splogging, IMHO.

I wrote a post about this a few weeks ago.

Excellent read, John. There sure is a lot of confusion surrounding these Community Pages as there are User-administrated ones that look and feel just like fan pages Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. and then there are the auto-created Facebook-administered pages. Some brands might have literally hundreds of them and it could be hard to discern the official fan page.

When doing a search on Facebook, the category for Community Page is just "Page" - that how I been able to quickly tell so far. Obviously the look and feel of the wiki-page is different when you get there too.<br/>related article :<br/> Buy Cigarette Tobacco Online Cheap
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Re: Why Facebook Community Pages Are No Big Deal For Brands

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